• GShaw
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      Hi everyone i passed the quiz but i have been asked to provide i.d via passport and utility bill however this is a problem since i don't own a passport or drivers licence.I also live with my parents so no utility bills in my name.
      All i have is a birth cirtificate and bank card what can i do?
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    • purplefizz
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      hi GShaw,

      i advice you to contact support and send a ticket explaining your situation by clicking on the "Help" tab on top. they might be able to advice you on what other acceptable documents you may use. parents utility bills are ok i think as long as they have the same last name as you. better to check with them to be sure.

      unfortunately, if you cannot pass the ID check, you cannot receive the capital. you must understand that this is free money and many have tried to take advantage of it in the past so security measures have been put in place.