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when to leave BSS nl10

  • 3 replies
    • vladnz
      Joined: 17.01.2007 Posts: 1,355
      what do you mean exactly?
    • Pride11
      Joined: 29.03.2008 Posts: 46
      when should i get up from a table to conserve my winnings? or should i just stay
    • tzveti
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 210
      As you are bying with a full stack, your winnings arent actually endangered (since the max buy-in is 100BB), of course except in situations when there are a lot of others deepstacked players.But , alike SSS, in BSS our money isnt in such a risk, as we can always lay down.So, if you control the pot correctly, you shouldnt actually be risking a lot, even against other deepstacked opponents.
      I normally get up, if there are too many shortstacks in my table(>5), or if the table is too tight.
      Actually, it happened to me recently - people were comming and leaving, but a "client" of mine, just kept "donating" money, and after 15 mins i was sitting with 500BBs on a normal 100bb max buy-in table.Then he left, and i lost my desire to play also :D