new to poker

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    • gadget51
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      Hi charlieharvey and welcome to our community!

      Yes poker is fun if you have the right attitude and learn to play the right way.
      We have here all you will need to help you on your way to having a LOT of fun! :) , which may encourage you to use our Tell A Friend Programme bonus link! :f_biggrin:

      Good luck with the quiz, take your time and you will do fine.
      May I also suggest the 'No Limit Beginners Course,' if you click the link at the bottom of my post, it will take you to all the information you need. It's totally free :D and you can join and leave at any time.

      Meanwhile, if you need to know anything about PokerStrategy, just ask.

      Best regards,

    • pswyatt
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      Hey charlieharvey,

      Welcome to our forum and community :)

      You can find a bit more information about learning the wonderful game in recent support ticket that we sent to you here

      Good luck at the tables!