Questions for Vegas!

    • DaToepFa
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      Hey guys!

      I want to go down to Vegas for the first time (ever!) and already read quite a bit about hotels, casino's, player cards etc. There are some questions left though. I hope you guys can help me out here!

      1) I live in Vancouver right now. So I was thinking of either flying from there directly or from Seattle. Would you book a package (flight+room) or is it better to book them separately? Do I lose certain comps when I book the package?

      2) I was planning of booking the Imperial or the Circus Circus? Anybody good/bad experiences with those? How much cheaper would the better ones be by using a Players Card?

      Apart from that, if you have any other suggestions/hints/ideas, please let me know. It's a bit confusing preparing for such a trip the first time. ;)

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