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      Hello everyone !

      We have about 2-3 months that we play live poker 0.50 - 1.00 and 1.00 - 2.00 some times (the starting BI is 50bb or 100bb) and i am having some questions!

      I have noticed that the game is a lot diferent from online poker... players are much more looser and they dont respect the preflop raises 3bets that much...
      Also very often i see huge open raises like 5-7 bb and stuff like this that looks to much out of line from what i know from online poker!
      Its almost imposimple to play HU if you open raise from early possition most of the times you have like 4-5 calls!

      So my questions are simple!how can i adjust my play to live poker ?
      I have try many things but i am not sure what to do...
      Should i wide my range a lot too ?
      Should i play tight and make big raises ?
      Should i call medium strength hands and play it preflop?
      Should i 3bet more light so i dont play with 4 players every hand ?
      Should i raise - reraise more after the flop ?

      etc etc etc

      Good thing is that i am winning at the moment but i dont feel very confident at how is the best way to adjust
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