How important are breaks ?

    • SwissMike
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      weird pattern which i have noticed when i play, 90% of the time i place in the money in my first 3 SnG of the day making a nice profit, then after that its all playing for nothing basically loosing what i won in the first 3. So my question is how imprtant is it to take breaks in between games ? how long of a break do you recomend ? and how long of a session can you play before taking a break ? After bad beats do you recomend to start another tourney straight off and try to forget about it and recup your loss or take a break and cool down and start from scratch ?
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    • swissmoumout
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      I suck at playing long sessions, so I just play 1-2h then break, and another session, etc
      also if you're affected by bad beats, or by having too much money at the tables (in the case of cashgames), then definitely take a break.
    • gemgem69
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      First of all how many sngs have you played you may need to play 00's before you can make a judgement on this. Breaks totally depend on a persons attention span. I cudn't play for more than 3/4hours so I try and play as many tables at once eg 9 to try and get as much play in a shorter space of time.
    • SoyCD
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      When playing SNGs I usually play them in larger batches, and take a break after 2-3 rounds of however many I played. The breaks don't have to be necessarily very long, but I think a little bit of movement, goes a long way of getting your concentration back for later sessions.

      After Bad-Beats I check if they have influenced me or not and base my decision upon this. Since bad beats are the most normal thing for me when playing SNGs I don't usually get affected by them unless I start going several buy-ins down while I should have been running with huge ROI :) But yes as soon as I notice im no longer playing optimally I take a pause.

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    • drachdudek
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      yes, the breaks are important, depends on your mental and physical condition, you have to figure it out by your self, when you start loosing take a brake, also when you start winning is good to take brake, the best is to have some goal and then stop for a break or having exact timing, one hour of play for example and then a break.
    • ManniXXX
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      I can't play cash for longer than an hour without a break tbh. I think that's more of a psychological thing though, I like to recheck BR and points/bonuses etc often, rather than just me getting tired.
    • Cardbender
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      I should start doing this.