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Nobody is perfect but how close can we get? How many mistakes do you make per SNG?

    • Puscherbilbo
      Joined: 17.06.2009 Posts: 1,229
      Hi there.

      I am currently revisiting some SNGs and I would like to compare my performance to others. One way would be via ROI but I think the number of mistakes could be just as interesting. This could mean either as -EV play or as missed +EV play.

      I would call anything anything below let´s say 0,3% a minor mistake.
      Anything up to 1% a mistake.
      And anything >1% a major mistake.

      As default I consider anything from EG as minor mistake (e.G. a missed open raise, a bad cbet or missed valuebet or broking with AK/QQ against the wrong guy) with the exception of obv. spewplays. This part is obv. much harder to evaluate as there are quite a few different approaches possible.

      Frankly i would be more interested about mistakes objectively marked by tools like Wizard in the Steal/Resteal and PoF-phase. The latter being the one where mistakes can be identified most clearly.

      What would you consider a good/very good performance on average? How much of a sample of Reviews should suffice?
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