Is this a big leak?

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    • nefarious26
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      i guess it depends who is in the BB
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      Originally posted by rap1dw1n3r
      Hello I currently noticed that I'm raising every SB when i'm first in (only BB remains) is this a big leak? should I consider folding and stealing less from SB?
      Raising 100% from the SB is a leak, mostly because it tells me that you are not treating situations individually.

      For example - can you think of a situation in which raising from the SB being the first one in might be a losing play?
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Originally posted by nefarious26
      i guess it depends who is in the BB
      This if the BB is folding everytime then keep raising until he changes and starts playing back at you.

      Generally i like to play pretty tight from the SB since when you get callers you are going to be playing out of position and getting into tricky spots that you don't need to be in
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      Do you think this -1bb/100 is a big leak? It also depends on what game you play. In 6max it will cost you more, but I'm not sure, I can only say about 9max.
      If your "attempt to steal from SB" is really 100% then you probably have lots of other bad habits like 100% cbet flop. Post your hm stats.
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      I raise as much as possible from the SB at NL2, in fact I have a 40/30 in the SB at NL2 in the past 3k hands since the beginning of Jan. :f_p:

      I would say it so heavily depends on the opponents you are raising into, and also what your raise-size is, as to how successful you are here.

      People simply still fold too much in my experience.

      I like to steal smaller although I'm not precisely certain of the pros and cons - I believe it decreases variance on your steals as you equalize the risk-reward ratio and so the deviation from either along with that.

      Something else is my 3-Bet from the SB which is 7.4, going to showdown 33% of the time and winning 50% of those. This is also my most aggressive position according to my stats - but I love blind wars with people at the tables - dead money is irresistible to me - I find it has a more negative effect on someone's poker mindset if you pound them from the SB than from the BU - because they are more or less expecting the BU to open most of the time.

      I wouldn't go anywhere near stealing 100% - it's good to fold into the BB often too, just in case he does have a nice hand this can tilt even more - if you raise closer to 100%, then it's probably a better idea to check-fold every flop so that you don't lose your steals with lack of post-flop play.

      Just some thoughts after I seen your question, hope it allows for some insight!

      -Take care
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      Hey rap1dw1n3r,

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