Cold call AA KK from middle position SH

    • mkjmkjmkj
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      shorthanded games NL10
      when i play i am only 3betting light from the blinds and the button
      so when someone opens UTG isnt it kind of obvios that i have strong hand when i 3bet from middle position so isnt it better to just call.
      unless ofcause i know he will call a 3bet.
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    • MatejM47
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      If you never 3bet light in that spot which a lot of people don't then yes its better to flat your monsters as well. Having a 2% 3bet or less in this spot your just telling them you have a monster.

      Personally i flat my whole range on the MP and a lot of the time on CO as well.

      The 2 exceptions are.

      1. His a fish that will never fold to a 3bet so its just dumb not to value town him

      2. He folds 80% to 3bets in which case i will bluff him 100% of the time but still flat my monsters untill he adapts(which a guy like that never will anyway)