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Is anyone winning player at this site!

    • Sinnology
      Joined: 10.08.2009 Posts: 994
      Hi guys.
      I know it looks like one more tilty post, and it probably is its just I want to explain myself and hear some opinon of yours.

      Before coming to betfred I ve played 120k hands on nl6/10/20 and 30 on 888 poker network.
      I ve came thre with 100$ withdrew 1.2k couse I got a good deal at betfred.
      Waited for like 5 days to get my money, took 900 and put 300$ on betfred to plasy with my good deal.
      And right from the bat I catch stream of bad varaince.
      Players there on nl20 are mostly totally morons and 3bet donks, but amount of luck they have is enormus.

      I pretty much lose whatever was to lose, AA vs 79o ai pf. My flips are missing and when I shove AK vs chronical sqeezer of 17% 3pf over 1k hands he turned out to have KK.

      Mostly when I hitsets or 2p hands flop I ve got really monotonus flops like 3 :club: J :club: 7 :club: without me having a :club: , or KJ3T and opponent have AQ vs my KK.
      My flushes end up busto vs rivered FHs and tons of other coolers .
      Mo to est of players I ve tracked thru ptr are loosing monkeys and looks like there is noone winning there besides ipoker with rake .
      honestly I am really suspicious about whole this place and ipoker looks like really shitty poker netowrk for me to be in.
      I might be overreacitng, but its really strnge that one hit downswing right out of the bat.
      All I can do there is loosing money and thats it .
      If I have b/e session or 50bbs up feels like holyday.
      I just cant be confident playing there and just to think about it makes me want to throw up.

      What do you tihnk about it?

      Edit :
      sry for some reasn my uploaded photos from imageshack dont work.
      But 2 explain in 6k hands am -14bis on n10 and my Ev being on -7(2 bi spew rest is coolers, like AK jam vs KK or 98s jam vs AA on tilt).
      My winrate on nl10 on 888 poker over 40k hands was 7bb/100, 5bb/100 on nl20 over 50k...
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    • abhi147
      Joined: 12.08.2011 Posts: 935
      I was winning on ipoker was playing on WH
      i found it pretty easy but i do agree there are too many donks and too many outrageous 1 outer rivers
      Not only has it happened to be but ive seen numerous times AA being cracked by filthy hands
      1 hand i remember distinctively is when i had AK and flop came AAK. i raised was put all in and i lost it eventually. Turn Q River Q obv he had QQ.LOL

      I had to change my gameplay to be playing way more passive then i would and it did work in my favour

      And i know its difficult when variance hits you but i doubt it has anything to do with the site, it could just be a coincidence

      Id say take a small break and try again after a few days?
    • wnbMG
      Joined: 10.04.2011 Posts: 586
      I was playing on betfred NL10 BE in 50k hands and 300$under EV...Then I moved to 25NL but I was slghtly looser.
      I generaly agree with you.
    • Daenerys
      Joined: 29.09.2007 Posts: 111
      I ve had mixed success on betfred in the past but i came across this post earlier today, perhaps it could help you regain your focus and confidence. Im keeping a copy of it just in case :P

      What do you think?
    • Sinnology
      Joined: 10.08.2009 Posts: 994
      It was good post, thx a lot man.
      Honestly I think this all sites besides maybe pokerstars are somehow tweaked into favor of possibility that both players hit unfoldable hands by the river, but should work in both ways.
      I mean they can say whatever they want but according to the world we live in we are mostly lied wherever you come(people in mcdonalds wont let you know they deliberatly put strange stuff in food,100% orange juice is supposed to be all natural,chewing gums are without sugar despite having 1000x more dangerous sweeten inside(aspartam), politicians lie and steal and they keep telling us they are honest,etc).Guess its hard to maintain moral and ethics when $$$ are talkin..

      Regardless of that I am taking full responsibility for whatver is happening to me. I mean noone forced me to ptu money there and I can end it whenever I want.
      So guess am gonna stick with it for some more time to see how it thigs will workout.
      By all means it must change once , and if not at least I will know where not to play never again :) .

    • akrammon
      Joined: 17.05.2009 Posts: 3,142
      I've got an easy solution for you then: switch to SnGs. The room has absolutely 0 motive to cheat in those.
    • kutero
      Joined: 16.12.2013 Posts: 14
      the players on deals, likely bonuses, are rigged. u will get extra bad beats. if ur really good, u might break even with rb, and it doesnt differ from any other site as so, making it as so as good as it goes. u can boom vs. the hu bots even with a deal and get random cards vs. other on deal players, but u will get the extra bad beats vs. fish and see the better players on no deals hit their hands more often than usual, till they will get balanced or banned.

      i have also boomed after my bonus expired and it too was way too unreal. i had some old deal at titan and was running okay, so one might try that with no deal and i dont think one can get a deal there, but the money u can get with vip and from doomed players should be enough and u might become one of those players who get to enjoy and benefit of the bad runs of other players. u can also try play more, that might increase the luck.
    • arthurbentley
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 261
      I recently signed up to Betfred for the free £10 no deposit bonus offer. I now have £120 from playing 4PLHE.

      Easy peezy Lemon squeezy. :D
    • ThatGuyMatt
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 3,765
      Originally posted by arthurbentley
      Easy peezy Lemon squeezy. :D
      Havn't heard someone say that for agggeeess!!

      Congrats and lets hope it's just as ease peezy lemon squeezy to make it into 4 digits ;)