HM1 big notes saving problem !!

    • wlcKeD
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      Can anybody explain how come player notes, either when playing, also when using hand re-player, doesn't save quite often for me? I mean, sometimes, when I do type my note, and hit a button "save", this note is actually saved just for that particular hand - few seconds later, when a new hand is being dealt and all stats refresh, that my note, which I made during previous hand, is gone, as if it was never made ! How come ?? It annoys me sooooo much .... You put a bit longer note, and a few seconds later, even though you DID save it, it just disappears, and I have to write it all over again ..... Anybody experienced that? Or at least have any ideas where to search help?

      Help ! .... ;( :s_cry: :f_cry:
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