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    • kolonel71
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      Using Holdem Manager, was wondering what filters some of the guys use to go through the day/weekly/monthly to review their play. I was going to post this over at the HEM forums, but i figured it would be more beneficial for those that are playing SNGs and trying to improve their game (might even cross post).
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Kolonel,

      It's been some time since you posted this, but I will still answer in case you come over and check:

      I think this video will be in great use for you:

      <3 Filters Video

      Can you be more specific though and tell me what exactly you mean by reviewing your game? Because, what I usually do is mark hands to check them in WiZ/Nash or post them in the evaluation forum to get an opinion from other SnG Grinders and hand judges. I also review some HH and try to find spots that I am unsure about or some my of opponents tendencies that I can exploit/adjust to.

      You can also go to the top center of Holdem Manager, click on filters-edit and play a bit with it.