Can't conevert it :| (Carbon HU 0.25/0.50)
Not sure if i made the right decision , well i mean i won but i still think i played my hand wrong :|

aaronb22 Posts SB 0.25
AligatorRoll Posts BB 0.50
aaronb22 Raised to 1.50
AligatorRoll Calls 1.00
AligatorRoll Bets 1.50
aaronb22 Calls 1.50
AligatorRoll Bets 4.00
aaronb22 All In 44.30
AligatorRoll All In 9.35
aaronb22 Shows
AligatorRoll Shows
aaronb22 Won 30.95 from Pot 2 with Two Pair Eights and Threes
AligatorRoll Won 32.20 from Pot 1 with Two Pair Jacks and Threes