6max turbo push/folding

    • murichej
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      1) the main goal at 6max turbos is play tight on early phases, reach bubble and push/fold by ICM. what if there are still 5 or 6 players when we have for example 10BB? what is goal? still reach bubble or push-folding?

      2) players on micros have 30+ or 40+ vpip lots of time. how do we push them? normal or tighter than ICM says?
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    • akrammon
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      1) I think it is incorrect to say that you have to be tight in the early phase of a 6max STT. In 6max, the payout structure is more top-heavy than in FR, thus making chip accumulation more of a priority then in FR, where survival is top priority.
      That doesn't mean spewing off, but having stats like 20/16 in the first blind levels is not necessarily a mistake - in fact, many good players will have similarish stats in my opinion.

      2) You can't judge that by VPIP, but usually you can go normal or even wider on fishes. Unless they are crazy/spewy - you need reads to tell that. As default I'm going wider than nash vs fishes in lets say an SB vs BB push.