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Wheres my money?

    • asakill
      Joined: 11.03.2008 Posts: 25
      Hi, its been more then a month since i registerd, and used you 100+50 dollar code on titanpoker. Since then ive deposited several times on titan poker and raked there for about 70 dollars meaning, i should get 20 dollars of the 100 dollars on my account. This havent been done. Ive been whaiting for my never comeing 50 dollars upfront. Ive evan send a copy of my id card from my hotmail account: with the info i was seppoused to provide. A weak later, nothing still havent happend , and im on my way of giving up. I dont know where the problem could be, since i registerd with my true informasjon about myself there cant be any error in my account. Since i sent an email to support with my id, it shouldent be a problem there either. Ive registerd 2 new accounts on sites i dident play on before(titan and fulltiltpoker), and done deposites and this is how im treated. Ive sent several tickets , and no answer. Im loseing my patient. I see that my playing on titan have evan been verified since im a silver player with 250 points. :( X( I hope it whould be fixed, ive tried my best to provide the info you hwant and nead. But feal like im ageinst a wall , and being ignored.
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    • asakill
      Joined: 11.03.2008 Posts: 25
      I have some problems with my account. How to get support?

      You can post in this forum, or contact us via the ticket system. All questions are answered within 24 hours.

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      Im whaiting for an answer!

      Im not happy bechause

      1. Ive whaited all together more then a month for the bonuses!
      2. I was realised i had to send id, have it sent 96 hours ago, nothing - not evan a confirmasjon you recivd it and evrything is ok.
      3. I have deposited several times and cleard rake for about 70 dollars. This means i should get 20 dollars from the 100 dollar bonus(10 dollars for very 35 raked).
      4. I know there is absolutly no problem regarding linking my titan account with pokerstrategy. The strategy points ive earned is already credited to my account , soh why the :spade: have not the bonuses been credited.
      5. I realise the 50 dollars is something you do as an investment etc. Soh my bigest wrath isent regarding it, is more the fact that i deposited several times, and earned the 20 bucks in rake back to not recive it. Evan if you neaded to check my id to give the 50 bucks, why have i not recivd the 20 bucks? All the informasjon yuve asked for has been provided, and i can only pray that you will pay it out.
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello asakill,

      Ill try to cover all your points.

      1+2) You received your starting capital shortly after sending in your ID information (we cannot give you your starting capital if you do not go through your ID check)

      3) The bonus money from Titan is immideatly transfered by them as soon as the rake has been produced - and credited to your account. PokerStrategy has no influence on these payouts. If you believe you are entitled to money please contact the Titan support. In your case it could well be that you received no bonus money due to not having any active bonuses while playing.

      4) The +100$ gets activated as soon as we transfer you the money. Since you deposited by yourself (which we advise against since on some rooms it can result in canceling bonuses) instead of waiting - the bonus might not yet have been activated while you were playing.

      5) The 50$ is an investment - and we are glad to make it. If you had simply waited for it (by asking here earlier or by sending your ID earlier) there would have been no problems at all. You could have also simply signed up using our first deposit code (we have the best first deposit and reload bonuses with Titan available) and immideatly started clearing those.

      I am sorry about any complications you might have had, since we try to minimize these to the best of our possibilities.

      If you have any other questions please ask.

      Best regards,