Steal the Blinds

    • Zudikas
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      Well my experience with downswing on SSS :)

      I play for a while now on different poker lounges , but last days everything what could wrong went wrong.

      Really started to be scared to bet. I played by the book, and it only costed me money.

      So start stealing blind with bluff, (after a while you know how they act) because they probably seen my bets only with High face cards.

      What's keeping me alive is:

      1st. Stealing much blinds :)
      2nd. Just limb in with AA<>KQ, even sometimes with 44 wenn have over $2.50, sometimes, semi bluff with Ace & a (8,9 or T) on the dealer. Hard betting on the Flop & Trun.
      3rd. Slow play, let them bet, wenn have very save cards, like Full House :)

      Today i just going for safe, sometimes play very agressive (semi ?) BSS style, because the downswing almost get my very bad.

      All by all: interesting wenn you are flexible ::

      I'm back now :D
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