Need help choosing

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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey Michael1199,

      I've only ever used Holdem Manager, so can only advise that. The two leaders of Tracking software are Holdem Manager & Poker Tracker. Both of these offer Free Trails too (HoldemManager 30 Days / Poker Tracker 60 Days) So you can check them both out for free, and see which you prefer.

      There is also a Free piece of Tracking software that we offer here at PokerStrategy called Elephant :)
    • londonsystem
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      Nothing or Holdem Manager, and I don't think it's even a choice.

      When I started reading here and 2+2 years ago, both software were almost equally mentioned in the postings. In last year and this, I think most of the postings are mentioning about HEM, sometimes PT.

      I have never seen anyone admitted he/she had switched from HEM/PT to Elephant.
    • Michael1199
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      Thanks for both of your responses. Think I will give hold em manager a try. Am I right in thinking this has few more add ons than elephant?