HU midstakes+ players

    • matel17
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      We're hearing it all the time that the games are getting tougher. I just watched a video shot in early 2010 and the coach said that even in 2010 the games are going to be tougher than in 2009.

      My question is for medium+ stakes players. Do you find it difficult to exploit an edge? Are there too many good regs?

      I'm wondering what hope is there for someone growing up in poker in 2012?
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    • Th0m4sBC
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      No worries. In 2009 they told you that 2008 was much easier.....dito für 2008 and 2007.

      Hell....I remember the good old times where it was clear that a minraise = AA. It was a 100% bullet-proof read! :D

      There were times.......when in a 11$ SNG 3 players would go all-in in the first hand. Ofc with Q8o, A3o, and K4s preflop.

      The biggest fish got slaughtered and a couple of regs improved as well. Games are getting tougher day by day but this just means that, today, we are a point where we only get back what we put in. Seems fair to me.