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    • hunt32
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      Every now and then I host a 6 player tourney for me and my friends, it basically just for fun but it's kinda getting more and more serious.

      We met 2 times so far, and I was both times in last 3, never used the rebuy, although we decided for the unlimited rebuys. The problem is I can't cope with their luck. While there was all six of us on the table, I am 100% sure that I played my A game, had some great folds, great reraises. But when only 4 of us were left things got pretty worse... I couldnt get the cards anymore, to raise the preflop, and when I did I got called and beaten. Twice villain lucky on the river. Both times I was favorite and was all in on turn.

      So if I had won these two times, I wouldnt have any problems, I would play agressively preflop and turn, hoping they didnt got straight or flush on the turn, and folding the bad ones, because they are all more or less calling station. The guy who won the tourney last night called almost every single bet and had over 15 straights and not to mention the flushes.

      So I have question for you if you have some experience in calling stations with plenty of luck in live games. How do you cope with them?

      Take care & gl
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    • helemaalnicks
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      play chess. Calling stations are really easy to beat @ a chessgame.
    • Yoghi
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      Just whine about bad beats and ask them to play HU for rollz

      I haven't got a clue for how much money you're playing, but just do whatever you like. They are your friends, not your villains... If you have to show your ego in a pokergame with friends I think there is something wrong. Just play, if they're lucky let them be lucky, next time you will be lucky.