Hi all

The Partypoker MTT Leaderboards are a nice way of getting additional value out of your good runs. They offer 40k$ of value each month. Unfortunately those leaderboards (weekly's as well as the monthly leaderboards) were not updated since December.

I mentioned that fact to Partypoker in early January and also tried to achieve something through Pokerstrategy support. Up to now there haven't been a single update on the issue, nor is it fixed. The players haven't been compensated so far as well. I pushed the issue for several times during the last few weeks. Only reply that i get is something like "We are working at it but can't provide any updates so far."

Just recently I contacted the Partypoker Livesupport again. Again they didn't want to give me any update on the case. In fact they didn't even want to assure me that the past few leaderboards will be published or even payed out to the players at all (a value of 120k$ all together). In addition they were not able to give me a timeframe on the problem.

Since I am not the only MTT player at Partypoker I hope to get your support on that issue. Please write to Partypoker Livesupport or send them an email. Tell them that you want the issues to be fixed as soon as possible, complain, grumble, curse - everything you do helps to put the issue on top of their to-do list.

If there is no pressure by the players I fear that there won't be a solution at all.


PS: Since I am German my english is not perfect - please excuse me for the mistakes that I made for sure - hope it is still understandable to all of you.