I have been playing for a while and realized that I was not implementing the strategy articles well. Sometimes I forget important points and worry that I might be missing out or misinterpreting the articles.

So anyone who would like to help is welcome to post your comment on the summary or stress important things that has helped you improve your game. If you are starting out as well the summary may make your readings easier, (but I still suggest you still read the whole article).


Choosing the right starting hand is half the battle in poker. If you enter the game with the right cards, you will avoid difficult situations.


The earlier you have to act the stronger your hand must be.


  1. Two late positions (BU & CO) - very advantageous position
  2. 3 Middle Positions (MP 1-3)
  3. 3 Early Positions (UTG 1-3) - poor position
  4. 2 Blinds (BB & SB) - poor position you are first to move on the next betting round earlier than UTG.

For every seat eliminate one position starting with the early position.


Fighting Hands/Premium Hands
Raise most of the time.

  • High Pairs (KK & QQ) & AK - Always raise!
  • Middle Pairs (JJ & TT) - Raise as default. If some one raises before you Call 20.

Calling Cards
You call most of the time.

  • Low Pairs (99 - 22) - Fold early. Call bets and Call 20 raises. Raise in late position if every one folds.

Folding Cards
Fold in early position and to all raises.

  • Middle Aces (Q - T) - Raise if every one folds. Raise to calls when in late position. Call in blinds.
  • Suited Face Cards (K - T) & Suited Connectors (9 - 4) - Raise in late position if every one folds. From the middle position call when someone calls.

Late Cards
Play in late position fold to any raise.

  • Low Suited Aces (9 - 2) - If everyone folds, raise. If someone calls, call.
  • Offsuit Face Cards - Everyone folds raise. Call only in blinds.

When playing I call out the name of the cards as they show up. Fighters, Callers, Folders and Laters. This way I remember how the card is played.

Call 20 - Call if you and your opponent at least have 20x the raise amount.


  • No raises before you - 4x BB + 1 BB per limper
  • With raise before you - 3x original raise + 1 original raise per caller
  • With 2 raises before you - Play only KK & AA and go all in. Fold QQ and AK.
  • Someone raised after you - For AA - KK and go all in. Call 20 with pocket pairs. If minimum raise call. Otherwise fold.