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Six complaints and six suggestions

    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      Hi folks!

      One should not really complain too much when it comes to free software, but that is precisely what I'm going to do anyway. Please take these comments as constructive criticism (if you happen to be a developer). I know that probably nobody is, or feels, personally responsible for the points I mention below, and that it is a lot more tempting to develop new functionality (like who is check-call-donking so much in a limped pot or whatever) as opposed to the basics below. It would however be a real gain if the ponts below were at least considered.

      1.) There is no documentation on the user interface. A traditionally working (context sensitive) help would be a tremendous time saver for a lot of people. [Suggestion:Gather at least the basic facts from wherever they are to a quickly accesible place (under F1)]

      2.) The user interface is messy making it time consuming to work with. Frankly, few dialoges work in an intuitive way. (Perhaps I'm just oldfashioned.) Example: The "serach player" function with a dropdown is just terrible to use. [Suggestion in this case: Let the user type player names!]

      3.) The player detail "popup" is designed in a way that is potentially dangerous. It's of the kind "stay on top of everything" and it is way to big.
      One cannot open details for two players at once. [Suggestion:Resizable windows, not always on top, multiple players]

      4.) This one is probable too late to do anything about, but anyway... Suggestion: Cache data to improve performance. (One does not want a gazillion SQL questions for the database and (.net-?) wakeup time for the user interface, especially for the player details popup.

      5.) Own stats doesn't work (for me). [Suggestion: Well, this should be a pretty straightforward thing?]

      6.) Wishlist: Show stats for this session/latest xx hands.

      There are of course good features too. The application seems reasonable stable for instance.

      I'd be happy to help, either with more precise suggestions or hands on programming. [I've worked professionally with with software for 15 years (C++ if you ask, thats why I can't stande the respone times :) ] I also apologize if there are good answers to my complaints and comments such as "download the helpfile donk".

      May the river be with you!

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    • mrk1988
      Joined: 04.02.2007 Posts: 13,337
      Hey Johan,

      thank you very much for your suggestions and feedback! I'll make sure to forward your post to the developers!
    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      @mrk1988: Great!

      By the way, it is possible, after all, to type in the "search player" dropdown. But perhaps this only serves to illustrate what I mean in general. One has to "open" the dropdown by clicking and then type. There is no cursor or anything indicating that typing is possible. (If you type without opening the thing with a mose click, all you get are system beeps.) This is not intuitive and user friendly.

      Question: How do I easily take notes on a player?
      One way is to play against him, open the player popup, select the notes tab. Is there an easier way, given that I'm not at the table with him? Is there a large and friendly "Player Notes" button anywhere?

      /Johan = :f_confused: