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What can I expect from small stakes MTT's?

    • jeszkar
      Joined: 16.10.2011 Posts: 897
      OOOPS Wrong topic.

      My question is, if I start to play low limit MTT what can I expect? (In general of course.)
      Are they similar to the freerolls? Are there many pre-flop all-in? Or it's way more tigher?
      Are the players more aggresive or passive? They like to limp with medium or worse type of hands? Are there any major difference between low-limit and freeroll?

      I will thanks any shared experience or observation.
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    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,180
      Hi jeszkar
      Your thread was recently moved from the SNG forums into the tournament forums. I think the tournament forums are more appropriate for your question. =)

      From what i experienced low limit MTT's are not played like freerolls by the majority of the players. Of course there are more preflop allins then you will find in the bigger tournaments, but overall the players tend to be more passive - especially in the late game. Limping is very common with any type of hand.

      If you have further questions feel free to ask :)
      Maybe some other players are willing to share their experiences as well.


      PS: I hope my english is not that bad :s_cool:
    • ThatGuyMatt
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 3,765
      Hey jeszkar,

      I've played alot of Micro MTT's at 888 and to be honest with you, I didn't notice a huge difference between these and the $10-$25's that I've tried.
      You do get players that will push earlly, but they will be doing it with premium hands a vast majority of the time, they just cant be bothered to win the small pots at the beginning, so try for a quick double up.

      You will of course get alot more bad players in the Micros, but hopefully you can outplay them ;)

      Lastly, they are not like Freerolls at all! Just because it costs you $2, doesn;t mean you cannot win $300+ It doesnt sound like alot, but remember, it costs only $2! :D

      I'm far from a expert, by hope my views help !

      @Asaban - Your English is fine, I didn't even notice you where not English :O
    • Targetme
      Joined: 04.05.2009 Posts: 1,888
      if your starting with 37.5 bb 1500 stacks get it in with 1010 aq+ and profit at the start. Be over aggressive middle stage not under aggressive you can have like a 20%+ roi on pure aggression when antes hit because players dont adjust. Late game is standard as its still for some decent money usualy.