Sets will kill me today

    • Roya1flush
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      I swear i feel like killing someone today...

      every damn tom, dick and Harry has hit trips on me today.. i have lost over $300 to trips alone..

      3 x AA
      6 X KK
      2 x QQ
      QQ set vs KK set.. (River)
      TT Set vs QQ sets (Turn)

      Not to mention the number of suckouts i have had on the damn river.. lost 90% of all coin flips...

      How the fecking can someone play against beats like that X(

      I need to bluddy pick my self up from this damn beating.. this is the worst i have ever suffered.. ;(

      The worst thing about it that i have not won a single big pot today and every big pot i have been involved in i lost from having the best hand pre-flop to having the best hand post flop then getting done on the turn or the river...
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