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Intro and weird Pacific Poker game!!

    • siash69
      Joined: 08.04.2008 Posts: 1
      Hi all, having passed the quiz and registering at Titan poker, I of course frittered all the bonus money away!! Thinking I was a better player than I actually am!! Whilst been stupid I learnt an important lesson, making a profit is not as easy as it looks or everyone would be poker millionaires, so I have read as much on the PS website as I can and have printed a lot of stuff out, as well as other material gleaned from the web. I think the Bankroll management article should be emphasized a lot more, even before basic poker stuff, as like me I think many people are dazzled by the lure of easy dollars!! Not any more!! I have a Titan registered with PS, Full Tilt and Pacific poker already, have not deposited with Full Tilt and probably lost 300-400$ paying to learn at Pacific playing at sit ins way beyond my level!! Wish I had found this site earlier!!

      Since my eureka moment I have just watched higher stake games to see how people played. I was looking at a game on Pacific WPC 45$ buy in 89 people playing with 8 guarenteed to win $1050 WPC ticket, i caught the game with 13 left and all bar 1 were playing heads up, this is the weird thing, they had a bit of table talk and they all just started giving up their blinds to each other and running the clock down to wait until 8 remained, even when they changed tables they all continued to do the same thing!! Is this permitted or even a common occurence? I gave up watching after an hour and there was 10 still left!!

      Good luck everyone Si
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    • Freaky304
      Joined: 12.04.2008 Posts: 63
      Hi siash,


      I can answer this question for you, when your a few players away from the price money it is pretty common to take your time and play as tight as possible, people who play for prices mostly do that people who play to become first and people who are shortstacked can take advantage of it in this period by stealing the blinds, but don't always do that.

      If i understand you correctly places 1-8 all got the same price, therefore it doesn't make sense to take risks to become 1st if the 8th place is the same price. So for the big stakes it is just wise to take no risks and play only the best pocket cards if any. its up to the short stacks (who will be first out by the increasing blinds to try and take advantage of it by stealing blinds.

      As for running the clock down its done often hoping that in the time it takes the player on the other table will knock eachother out (usually they are doing the same thing so that doesn't happen). And yes it is allowed on all poker sites as far as i know. You have a certain amount of time to act and how you spend it is up to you.

      Hope this answers your question.

      *Edit PS: i think your absolutly right about the bankroll article it should be the first thing you get learned even before the basics