[NL2-NL10] Value vs. Risk with Weak Hands

    • Raknyo
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      (Raknyo is dealt Qs Jc.)

      833f folds.
      fabadona calls for $0.02.
      Ivailo_minev calls for $0.02.
      carlos1gmca calls for $0.02.
      RedUltra folds.
      Dogones calls for $0.02.
      m.d.a. calls for $0.02.
      Xourito calls for $0.02.
      Raknyo calls for $0.01.
      marvm checks.

      The flop comes
      4s 2h Jh.

      Raknyo bets $0.10.
      marvm folds.
      fabadona folds.
      Ivailo_minev folds.
      carlos1gmca calls for $0.10.
      Dogones folds.
      m.d.a. folds.
      Xourito calls for $0.10.

      The turn comes 4h.

      Raknyo bets $0.30.
      carlos1gmca folds.
      Xourito calls for $0.30.

      The river comes 7s.

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    • veriz
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      Hello Raknyo,

      Most likely I would just Check/Fold the river cause there ain't going to be a lot worse hands which Call and being in a freeplay pot. :) Most likely your Bet sizing on the turn isn't the greatest either, should be 2/3 pot.

      Best Regards.