When no-fish take the bait...

    • MoneyDearest
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      Total beginners question i know, but:

      How am i supposed to feel when I raise 3-4 bb + 1bb for each limper, say, three of them, and for a total of 7bb, and everyone folds. I can't help feeling that's i've lost value, though I've obviously won money.

      I have no doubt that it's +EV in the long run, but I'm just wondering, do we do this with the idea of playing against less players post flop, and take in down then or on the river, or should I feel that it's already enough value when I win the "limps"?

      The reason I ask, is because certain times, you will know the likely action of the players, whether they are tight of loose, or likely to call or fold. Then, if the players were moderately tight, I could lower the size of the raise, if the idea is to get callers, or not, if the idea is to "win the limps".


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    • gadget51
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      Hi MoneyDearest,

      My usual thought is; 'Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!' :D

      Which simply means if they all fold, so be it. Even if you raise AA, would you be happy to get 4 callers?

      Just my thoughts on it. Others may be more indepth.


    • rakyi
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      From my beginner point of view:

      1, We raise to isolate players. As gadget said, we don`t want to have many players against us postflop - in this case chances we have the strongest hand would be much smaller.

      2, We (basicaly) always raise the same amount (preflop) to make it harder for opponent to guess how strong our hand is.
    • Karl0zzz
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      When you raise smaller limpers will get good odds to call, usually they limp with marginal hands to hit the nust on the flop and fold otherwise. And when someone hits the nuts you are mostly willing to put chips in the middle...

      And that is -EV :facepalm:
    • Cold3lit3
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      If you get the respect raise a few junk hands too, start with suited connectors and picture gappers.

      You will make back some of the lost value (if you don't go crazy with it) and if you do get a call with your 7h8h and the flop has lots of smiling faces, fold to any aggression.

      The worst thing i think you could do is make your raise smaller, or adjust it depending on your opponents range because as another poster suggested, you may be getting stuck in with 4 callers against your AA