THIS is true BBV u nufags

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      [QUOTE King Niche;7670002]WTF, i thought id seen the last of my fat girlfriend and her clan of binge drinking skanks but nooooooooooooooooo, she has to call the house in her drunk state (which i think should a fcking level considering she is pregnant), all her friends are cussing me in the background, and im thinking that I wish I could bring a portcullis down on them all in a row, and I had visions of blowing them up that involved a bottle of gin and some gas. one of them called me 'devient" I looked that shi* up on and it tilted me hard. Im like cut me some slacbitch, shes like "why", always asking "why" about everything, "why" my toe nails are found in cups . "why" i grab my balls in public. "why" i leave my pubes in curly bunches on the window ledge. "why" i wanna jerk it instead of make love to her?? maybe I should give her a mirror for christmas and a picture of my flaccid penis.

      She starts saying how I overstepped the mark, gone way 2 far this time, no going back and i nearly broke her friends nose and I need to make it upto her big time???????????WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and shes like my daddy will killl youuu, im like porky tried that last time and the tubby train got derailed with the quickness, plus I have been watching youtube videos on self defense by brett like no bitch you need to take your fat ass back to school to support that baby cus im not and walmart wont keep you in the cakes youve become accustomed to..she just gasped after i said it which was actually a normal breath for her.

      she starts getting really emo at this point and claims she could go into labor 6 months early cus of stress ive caused and ive hurt her so bad and her friends she said she felt like her heart had been ripped out and stomped on..Im like thats nothing, I lost over $1500 last night.. then I said id say sorry if one of her friends sent me 50 dollars on full tilt, and she said started shouting poker this poker that, thats all i think of im a loser, I say send me 50 dollars and ill say sorry to everyone!!! she said nobody there had a poker account, im like send that **** on stars, I know that skeletor bitch got the funds..

      she made some lame excuse about me punching her face why would she do that, I tell her that I want 50 bucks on full tilt or I am going to do something bad..shes like what, what are yo going to dooooooooooooooo??? im like i dont know but it involves chopping parts off of me. She fuc*in* freaks at this point cus she has seen me in the past set spells on myself and burn myself with cigs when I make a bad all in call or fail to go deep in tournaments

      ..She said she would give me 5o dollars on her card if I apologise and dont do nothing stoopid, im like ok bitch read me the visa and dont forget the 3 digit strip number im gonna bonus hunt these 55 bones!, shes like 55?? im like thats what I said you hard of hearing bitch? she let me deposit the cash on the the promise I apologize to al her friends..I hear her friends trying to comfort her saying she dont need my ass and she should find a new man who was sensitive to her needs which basically meant who would buy her a double whopper on the way home from work the slave to obesity..her friends are like LOSERRRRRRRRR, and BASTARDDDD, and start callin me all kinds of crap...half of those bitches have gone through 3 divorces and are way past it, pre menopausal bicthes and will go out on the town to suck any **** they can get hold of thinkin they are all that and a bag of bling plus they all have cellulite hangin out of the ass and more baggage than clarice in silence of the lams.

      but I get that euforic feeling when it says DEPOSIT ACCEPTED I know youunderstand..only a grinder can... i felt like i had fairies flying outa my a55hole but want to hang up as quickly as possible cus i feel like hot pockets and ive got grind on the mind ..So im like put me on speaker so I can get my point across to everyone and dont be an emo sac of shi*..after im done.. so she does and they all go fuc**n quiet like a bunch of instigating bitches and dont know why i done this, i really dont, i jus couldnt stop like "WOW, I JUST WANNA SAY IM SORRY....*PAUSE*....IM SORRY FOR LETTING YOU LOOSE SLAGS IN MY ****ING HOUSE WHEN I SHOULD HAVE HAD YOU ALL WORKING THE STREETS TO GET ME BACK IN ****ING ACTION, YOU MASSAGE-PARLOUR-HANDJOB-GIVING-WHORES" and i hang up. Im thinking of playing me some 25/50c half-buy hold em' on an all night mission to hit 1k. I only like playing my bread and butter game with 2 buy-ins.[/QUOTE]
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