when start SH?

    • makinazero
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      hey people

      in Portuguese community i start a BRB in FL with 25$.
      its be good see new players play with me and revive our FL forum.

      but is not for that i came where.

      its to make a question.

      when you think is better to start playing SH?.

      when i iniciate in poker people talk above 0.5/1 inclusive, because the rake and players need some preparation to play SH.

      now we see tables in all limits with very action and delicious to play.

      what limit you recommended to play SH, comparing the experience, rake etc

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    • makinazero
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      nobody can tell or coment my post??
    • DukeXIII
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      Hello m8!

      I m not sure that I understand very clearly your question but I think that the question shouldn't be when to start playing SH but whether or not you like this game. I just play NL 2 and I had started with FR but when I introduced to SH I found it much more exciting and interesting than FR.

      My 2c
    • Tarhonya
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      I agree with DukeXIII that you should play what you like better. Virtually the same amount of players are playing FR and SH up to 0.25/0.50 (at least on stars). From that limit more and more players are playing SH, however the FR player pool is still nice. So I think it shouldn't be a reason to transition into SH.

      I transitioned into playing SH from 0.05/0.10 because I personally find FR boring.
      I believe that someone who's planning to play SH later shouldn't really bother with playing FR just to learn the game because the difference between FR and SH dynamics is such and even completely new players can access everything they need to be successful as SH players.

      At least this is how I see things.
    • taavi1337
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      When starting from zero or $50 I think you should switch to SH at 0.25/50. Of course you can do it earlier or even from the beginning, but don't leave it too late. I think SH and HU improve your game much quicker than FR will ever do, so when you become a 1/2 FR reg I believe you still have many unconfident areas in your game.