Black Member Status
Black Member status is our highest attainable status. Attaining Black Member status will grant you full lifetime access to all our content and services at In order to attain Black Member status you’ll need to collect at least: 500,000 StrategyPoints.

The benefits of becoming a Black Member include:

Custom made Black Member suit
Participation at exclusive Black Member Events
Your enquiries will be prioritized and handled by our VIP service team
Lifetime access to all our content and services

Some impressions of the Black Member Status

The black tailor made Black Member suit

As a Black Member you will receive a professionally tailored black suit. The suit will be custom made for you and represents your membership in the exclusive Black Members Club. For our female Black Members, you will be fitted for the suit by a female tailor and you may decide whether you wish to have trousers or a skirt.

Black Member Events

In order to attend a Black Member event you’ll require a ticket. In addition to the ticket, you’ll also need to earn a token to cover your travel expenses for the event. You may access detailed information regarding our ticket and token system by clicking here.

An overview of the Black Member Events that are currently offered is available in the exclusive Black Member forum.