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6max turbo sng video

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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi there murichej,

      Moved this to Sit and Go beginners for you. It should get a better response there, ok?


    • murichej
      Joined: 28.05.2011 Posts: 54
      okay, thanks.

      i have one more question. is here anyone grinding $3 6max turbos or something similar to make some sweat sessions or something?
    • sokre
      Joined: 29.11.2008 Posts: 36

      While I am not the most experienced player, I would say that you play too tight.

      VPIP 10 on 6max turbo? I mean I ve got VPIP 30. In 33% of hands you are either SB or BB. Also this is turbo, blinds go faster, you cant wait for great hands.

      Also, you fold 55 as BB because button min raised (high blinds 100/200 i think). His stats are VPIP over 50!!!! MANIAC! I would all in him 100%

      Also, when raised couple of times on the right upper table, you didnt c-bet and caller used that and took your big pot 2 times - over 1000 chips (his stats also VPIP over 40!)

      Also folding KJ suited on SB everybody folded (ok lower limits), not raising A4 BB - SB just called (also VPIP 40 or so)... too tight.
    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Originally posted by murichej
      i've been playing $1 sng with 4% roi and turned into playing $3 sngs but i've been totally crushed there.


      i've made a video and i'm asking you for some help. what am i doing wrong? i'm really crushed, i went from $225 -> $150 in few days.

      Hi,murichej and...what a great idea, man! Next time you do a vid though, I will suggest that you speak and explain your plays, so we can follow your thinking process. Maybe you will make some "read" based decision that would otherwise look wrong.

      Now let's get down to the point. I was taking notes for about the first 5 minutes to illustrate some of your mistakes, than I will try to give you general advice about how you should approach the SnGs and name some of your leaks.

      0.27- table N1(top left)- raise TT to 120. Making it 160 is way too much. You want to balance your raise sizing, make it 3x on this blind level with every hand that you want to play, this way- opponents won't be able to make reads on your hand strength based on a sizing tell. You can also make it 100 from late position, even t100 from the UTG is fine, but 3x works too.

      0.39- table n3(bottom left)- check behind with 48s bvb on the turn, by betting, especially this big- we turn our hand into a bluff. Hard for worse to be calling.

      0.49- table n1- bet more with TT on KTJss board- about 2/3 pot will be fine. This flop hits his range super hard + board is very wet, so we want value + protection.

      1:36- table n3-iso raise KJs over his limp with the ultimate position(we are on the BTN). Make it like 3x + 1 for each limper or 160 in other words.

      2:03- table n3I would also iso TJs over this guy's limp

      2:31- table n2- I will usually cbet this super dry 944board vs 2 opponents with my AT here. Make it about 1/2 pot or so.

      3:26- table n2- raise A4o bvb over his limp. Make it 2,5 +1 (his limp) or at least 2x +1. Just check if somebody else limps as A4o is not strong enough to raise OOP. Check here is also fine vs some opponents, but raising will be my first choice usually.

      3:59- table n2- KJs!!! I want to stress on this one! This is a mandatory raise bvb vs anyone!

      4:17- table n2- raise A4o on the BTN.

      In general, you can improve your postflop-was too tight, push/fold was a bit off as well. Too tight. I can tell that you have a clue what you are doing, but there is no other way around it- hard work, hard work, hard work. As for 6-player SnG- party payout is 60:40. Correct me if I am wrong. With more top heavy pay out structures like 65:35 or 70:30 chip accumulation will have more value than simply trying to finish ITM. Don't take that as playing super aggro or super loose. Usually we want to open a relative wide range from late position in a 5-6-player SnG game. We will post blinds much more often than a 9-10-player game, so we need to steal more in order to prevent ourselves from blinding out. You should also be aware that playing more hands will put you in a lot more marginal situations, so postflop skills are super important.

      The best way to improve your postflop imo is by posting hands in our evaluation forum! This is what helps me the most. Read other people's hands as well. Share opinions, start a discussion in here about some of your problematic spot will also benefit you big! Watching videos is a big help as well.

      <5$ SnG Hand Evaluation

      5-21$ SnG Hand Evaluation

      Me and the other hand judges will be more than pleased to give you an advice on your posted hands. Should you have any other questions, please go ahead and ask.