embarressing multi table accident

    • deezer79
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      damn you table ninja!

      had AA on one table (NL10) got raised early, re-raised and got 4 bet. told party software to shove but party had left $1.5 behind. villain put me all in and table ninja brought another table to my attention which i wanted to fold on, hit the key to fold and i folded my AA. so much rage!!! sure it'll be funny when i stop screaming at my laptop.
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    • purplefizz
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      aw that sucks deezer :(

      table ninja takes a bit getting used to. i know a couple of people (myself included) who did the same facepalm thing. :f_mad:

      moving thread to badbeats, ok?

      cheer up! here's a sharky smile for you :s_biggrin: :s_love: