trips & over pairs

    • lulupops
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      Hi Guys

      I play nl10-25 but mainly nl10

      I was wondering what your thoughts or strategies were on playing overpairs when facing what you think would be 2 pair or mainly sets? (low un-connected boards when a player gets aggro)

      I cant seem to fold my aa or kk. is it better to just trust kk aa will hold enough to be profitable or should i be folding these spots sometimes

      Any feedback or discussion would be great as this is a spot i have been sticking on!

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      Hi lulupops,

      Just noting that I've moved your thread to it's dedicated area. You will most likely achieve a better response here :)

      All the best,
    • esuohdla
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      It always depends on the range of the player. If you can reduce it to 100% 2pair or sets, then its a check/fold, unless you hold a great draw to go with your overpair. If he has other 1pair type hands in his range, work out your equity and evaluate accordingly.