super tilt at pokerstars

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      Had enough of them so have been on a suicidal mission to wipe out a small bankroll i have there. Worked existing FPP into money and had about $35 on the site (my real BR@ Party). It's going really well. Suck outs came thick and fast on $1.50 SnGs to the points that I dropped to $20. After playing there 2 hrs tonight I screamed "fuck it" and figured if the site's going to rip me off, may as well get it over with quick.
      Just bubbled out of a 6 player SnG for $15 after a player doubled up through me twice with some pure suck outs. Running cards for a flush and a two outer to make trips. He just refused to go out when thoroughly dominated and give me some hope that PS isn't BS. Now I'm upset that I have $6 on the site. Not enough to cash out and I really want to delete their software off my laptop. No idea what to do with the remaining money there now. Might just enter a NL10 game with it but worse case scenario would be winning and having to keep playing there. Maybe find a tourney I can enter for the $6 - might win enough to make it worth cashing out. Or maybe I should play CG, win a dollar and play a $7 SnG. It's a quandary. Can't imagine looking at that stupid fucking shortcut icon on my desktop and not wanting to axe-kick my laptop.
      RRRAAAAHHHHHH! Tilt rant over :) .
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