It would be nice if you add a new "suit filter":
/nts = no three of a suit. Maybe not too many user need it but I think its easy to be implemented

For example:
You want to filter KK suited without junk (trips or three of a suit)
as far as I know, we can do it by:
1. [K*]K*/h10+ ----> short but not intuitive
2. [K*]K*!(KK**/altr|KK**/alts) ----> too long

We already have /nt (not trips) for "pair filter" (though it's not listed at the short documentation) so it would be nice if we have similar filter for "suit filter" i.e /nts (no three of a suit). Thus we can write it as:

[K*]K*/nt/nts -------> short and intuititve!