Omaha bluffs

    • hogzzz
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      I was recently in the late stage of an omaha tournament and had kh7h10cks. Had two limpers and raised 4xBB and one call by big stack. I had slightly more thana pot size raise left.

      The flop came AhQh10c and i pushed having two blockers to the nut straight. I was called by two pair by my opponent who had aq. I was wondering should i shy away from bluffs like these and wait for a better opportunity bluffing in smaller pots or was this a retarded call and a reasonable push? I'm leaning towards my bluff being a bit too much...

      I tend to bust my omaha tournaments around 18th I think this might be because i'm being called by a marginal handssuch as two pair on a straight board while I'm bluffing. I have a good solid early game and hardly ever bust there. I nearly always build a stack. I was wondering how often you guys bluff and how often you apply pressure with a large raise as a bluff??
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