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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey newbie and welcome to PokerStrategy.com

      Good to have you and i hope you enjoy your stay, let me know if i can do anything to help you out.

      What brings you to us then? Are you a poker player thats tired of losing money and wants to be turned into a winning player?

      Are you a player thats already winning and wants to improve even more and meet some people to study with?

      Do you have no experience at all and just came cos you saw the offer of free money? (no shame in this by the way, thats why i joined :D )

      If it is the last reason i hope you realize the how much more this website has to offer and you stick around for more than just the $50

      Anyway tell us a little more about yourself and good luck in your poker journey

    • pswyatt
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      Hey f1bettings,

      Welcome aboard our forum :)

      Looking forward to hearing more about you....don't be shy! :s_cool:

      Good luck!