Is a little NL and SNG good for FL?

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      I have been reading about SNG strategies. I needed more notes on Outs and Odds. I was wondering aside from the obvious. What is the difference between NL/SNG and FL? I think Management both bank and emotion management is more important here. Cause if you lose control, fail to read properly and took your Aces full of Twos into a showdown and run straight into a Royal Flush. then you are in more trouble because your betting is uncapped (right?)

      With SnG, you need to be TAG. You really have to focus and not lose patience playing with bad pocket cards nor can you slip up and switch off because you have pocket aces. While this is true for all types of poker, its more so here.

      Just wondering what your takes on it is... back to reading.. :)

      oh yeah... I found an article from Chris "Jesus" Ferguson on Howard Lederer tips and strategies page. Its really good about a game he played in a tourny where he or his opponent threw away trips despite the opponent slow playing, checks no raises with the community cards not showing suitedness or connectedness. It really woke me up about how bad my play is.

      If I was in the opponents position, I would have lost $65,000. Which is why I studying up now. Can I send the link to one of the seniors here cause you dont like URL in forums right?

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    • chenny8888
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      don't fold trips on the lower limits.

      but a lot of the time you can fold your TPTK if you're quite deepstacked, and the opponents show a lot of action on what is referred to as a dry board. this is because the opponents in these cases will most often show down something a lot stronger (often a set)
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      Yeah I would find it hard to fold trips in any case.

      The article was about looking beyond your own cards, understanding what you are dealing with and what is the strength your opponent's hand?

      I only meant it was a good article abotu understanding your play.

      Odie :D