Just saw 2 Review : PS members on the same table with me

    • Justin37
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      well, kinda have 45 mins only to play so, i registered n play the 50/50 on stars. Saw 2 pstrategiest playing the same table with me, including me 3 players...

      A rare one...This is my 1st 50/50 table for 2012, so it deserve a post hehe.

      PS.com 1 so loose...end up finished 7th
      UTG1 raise to 300
      UTG2 reraise to 600
      PS.com 1, call 600 with 450 left chips
      UTG1 all in
      UTG2 ALL in
      PS.com 1 all in n loose with AK
      PS.com 2 call bb with 99, n endup giving his half chips to me after i hit 2 pairs on the turn with 84. (he is too tight kind of player)

      PS.com 2 won 3 way all in with AA n survived.
      I had bad beat 3 times in this 40 mins game. Let with 260 chips with 8 players remaining.

      However, i did finished 5th for $0.06 profit, n i was laughing to myself!
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