Flush decision

    • Erniastukas
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      Hello, my first post in this forum :]

      I'm playing NL10 and trying to build my BR. Till now I just played game that makes sense to me, without any advanced calculations. As I progress, I've noticed that some strategy related questions starts to rise and I begin to take desicions based on long-term calculations.

      So, my first question, how should I act in following situation:

      There are 4 cards on the table of same color - I hold the fifth, so it's flush. But my only opponent by his actions represents the same - a flush. Should I decide to move all-in/call/raise - it means - go to showdown? My logic tells: if fifth color i'm holding is higher than 6/7 (it also depends, which cards are on the table) - I have more than 50 percent chance of having higher flush - so I go for it.

      Is it right? How it changes if there are more than 1 opponent?
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Depends which Card you hold.

      If he Raised from EP, then its safe to say he has a rather large Suited Cards/Big pair a majority of the times, If he is limping, maybe small pairs/connectors. Would totally depend on the opponent.
    • Kitsune101
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      Your question is too broad.

      Say there is 4 hearts 1 spade on the river, you raise and villain reraise you.

      Villain is repping the nuts or at minimum the K high flush. So you shove the nuts, and everything else becomes a bluff catcher.

      Just because the the 7 high flush is the middle flush doesnt mean you win 50/50. If you go all in villain might fold every flush that is below 7 and call with everything above. Then you lose 100% when called and you are bluffing with the best hand when he folds.
    • Erniastukas
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      So it seems, as MattDenness said, it depends too much on opponent and I was quite wrong with my own theory :]
    • esuohdla
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      Your also missing the point of, what cards are on the table specifically? Its not enough to just think 4 hearts, for example if its 92KA of hearts you should rarely fold a J high flush, but if its 6782 of hearts you might.