Need some help with my Outs and Odds.

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      Hi guys..

      Sorry for not using hand posters but there was a problem installing the elephant with my computer and I wanted to ask these questions about Outs and Odds while its fresh in my mind.

      Hero: J :diamond: K :club:

      Flop: 7 :spade: 9 :diamond: J :club:

      Outs: 2 Jacks + 3 Kings so the ratio is 47:5 roughly 10:1 So if I get raised and the pot to bet ratio is less than 10 to 1, I should fold.. is that right?

      With Outs calculations, you only count cards that help your pocket cards and not the community cards right. You wouldnt be counting the 3 7s & 3 9s because they would help others and not you and potentially hurt you.

      Do you use different ways to count the rivers? I am trying to understand the strategies table in the SnGs on Outs and Odds. trying to figure out why odds of 45:1 on the turn would be 22.5:1 on the river.

      Anyways... I am going back to reading the basics notes again. then maybe catch the Freeroll Bronze tournament. :)

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