Two HM2 problems - tags and hand notes

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      Is there any way to fix these two problems that I have:

      1) THE WHOLE STORY: In the hand viewer, where I'm supposed to be able to mark my hands with a TAG for a later review, there are some default TAGS, like the first one called "For review", and also there's an option to create your own tags. Say I want to create a new TAG called "ICM" or smth, I go to hm2 and create that NEW tag. So now the next time I play, and want to mark a hand in the hand viewer whilst playing, at the bottom of default tags list I can see my NEW tag "ICM". I click it, and everything seems to be ok - I have a hand which I marked with my new TAG. BUT after my session, when I go to the reports section to analyze my hands, I click "show only marked hands", and in that drop-down list [by default it's "ANY"] I want to select and see just THAT hands which have my NEW TAG "ICM". Unfortunately, I can see and select just the default TAG "For review", and also all my hands, which I marked whilst playing with my new tag "ICM", now they all have the same default tag "For review" !!! And I've tried this a few times, and I always have this problem ... So to put the story short, I am not able to create and MARK my hands with MY OWN NEW TAGS - just with the default ones - all the new ones disappear just as I'm done playing and want to review them ....

      2) THE WHOLE STORY: In the hand viewer, there is an option to create notes IN/ON THE HAND - when you UNclick "hide hand notes", a few fields come up, where I can write my notes on the particular hand, say "Type Preflop Hand Note Here..." or whatever. So I DO TYPE my note there, BUT how can I save it ??? When I go to another hand, and I come back - there are no notes there ! So, in short, How can I save my notes on the hand, cause when you just write them and leave like that, they are not saved and disappear ! ://
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