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      Hello to all.Simpleman61 here.Very new to the poker scene,and it took 1200 hands to go through my first 10.00 of the 50.00 bonus.I do not have any excuses,just was outplayed do to lack of skill on my part.Very interested in learning all I can to improve my game.Have a good grasp on numbers.Was a decent backgammon player at one time.So just a fast Hello ,and looking forward to getting more knowledge thru this site.So thats it,have a great day! Simpleman61
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      Well now hello there simpleman61 and welcome to our community!

      Coming from backgammon I expect you do have a good grasp of numbers! Do you know of Gus Hansen? He was a rather good backgammon player before he took to poker.

      So, let's see, you want to learn how to beat the game then obviously!

      Below is a link to our information for newer players who want to improve and crush those games!

      Getting Started Guide for Bronze Members (updated 22th Feb 2012)

      Go through it and look at everything your bronze status allows and which you are interested in. For more advanced topics you will need a higher status, which you accumulate by playing at your tracked poker site and earning Pokerstrategy.com points, or you can choose to buy a higher status here:


      I also strongly suggest you start a blog in our blog section:


      You can then chart your journey and meet and ask questions of poker players from every walk of life and poker experience. People tend to learn quicker when they share their highs and lows.

      I think that should be enough to go on with for now!

      Very glad to have you on board simpleman61.

      Very best regards and have fun here at Pokerstrategy.com