PC for Multitabling

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    • conall88
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      depends on what poker client you are using. Some software is well designed, eg Pokerstars , FTP and partypoker is decent too.

      however other rooms can use more resources than you would expect.

      I would recommend:

      RAM: 2-3GB
      Video card: anything will do, but avoid intel integrated graphics if you are buying a laptop, and spend £30-40 on a gfx card.
      CPU: 2.2ghz+ dual core or better
      Monitors: If you have tableninja and stack 4 tiled tables you can play 24 tables easily on a 22" monitor. If you want to tile go for a 32".
      HDD: any HDD size is fine... the standard tends to be AT LEAST 250GB on lappies these days.
    • NorwayCowboy
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      Hi there Psiho.

      If you're gonna play ~24 tables tiled you would do with what conall88 set up for you there.

      A laptop is not recomended tho, and go for a graphic card that can drive 3 monitors. Put your money in the monitors, remember you're gonna stare at them for hours.

      I can post a picture of my setup with 24 tables, just give me some minutes :P

      I'm currently playing at two 24" 1920x1200 monitors (Dell U2412M)


      Here is my setup...

      Here with 9 tables on one of the monitors:

      and with 20 tables @ pokerstars

      Hope this helps :P
    • RobertDaPro
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      I'll be looking toward for the pic also as plan to get 2 x 24" myself too