888 bonus

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    • ClimaxingWalrus
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      If you deposit say $200 it will give you twenty $10 bonuses that take 100 bonus points each to clear. The money appears in your account as soon as you clear it.

      I've payed $87.07 in rake and got 330 bonus points so 3.79 bonus points/dollar paid in rake. If I did this right then you would need to pay $527.70 in rake to clear a $200 bonus. Hope I helped :)
    • matel17
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      Ok so that's about 38% rakeback..

    • TiciBoy
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      When I deposited I also got some instant bonus. So even better RB. ;)
    • IngridN
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      Hi guys,

      it's easy to calculate the following way:

      You get 2 points for $1 rake. So to clear the entire $888 bonus you need to collect 8,900 bonus points (89 x 100). So this means you need to rake $4.450 to release 8,900 bonus points which You release by $10 chunks.

      Now, we must know if $4450 of rake, he gets $888 then what is his rakeback % from the first deposit bonus?

      We simply divide $888/$4.450 = 0.1995... *100 = 19%rb

      So how much rake does each $10 chunk take if each chunk is 100 points? = $50rake

      It doesnt matter if you clear the full bonus or just $10 of bonus its always going to be 19%.

      Hope this helps