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    • Benebol
      Joined: 17.12.2010 Posts: 11
      Question 1: What is your motivation for playing poker?
      It's a nice game to play with friends at home or just to make fun and gain some money on the web.
      It's not just a game where luck decides everything, and that's my motivation to learn more and more about the game, to get a better understanding about when to fold, raise/bet or call.

      Question 2: What are your weaknesses when playing poker?
      I have a high tilt level
      I have problems to keep an eye on every opponent, so a good HUD would be usefull.

      Question 3: What does it mean to play tight aggressive?
      A way to play poker, where you only play with 'good' cards and play them aggresive.
      So take initiative, put the pressure at your opponent but only with a specific selection of cards.
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    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Welcome to the Course and Best of Luck. Good job! Homework #1 Done!

      Easiest way to fight against tilt is to set up stop-loss technique. Which means if you for example have lost more than 3BIs for a session then you just stop the session for some time. The BI amount is set up from your own results. Some may put it higher, some lower. Also after the stop you can spend some time with evaluation part to become better.

      Lack of concentration is a common leak for beginners. They just play with music, watch TV, read forums but those kind of distractions really will just make you lose more money. Ain't ya there for win money? :) So act like that and force yourself always close all kind of distractions and try to stay concentrated on the tables. Everyone will find their own way how they are able to concentrate more. Also of course with time you will get better in that, everything needs adjustment not just life or any sports but also poker.

      Tight style is usually called playing selected hands. Like following the Starting Hand Chart. Aggressive should be also pretty clear that already the word says how you should be playing. But the problem playing aggressively is that you have to watch that you don't play too aggressive. Find good spots, find good targets. About The tight-aggressive strategy you can read in this article: "What is the Big Stack Strategy?"

      Hopefully you will enjoy the Course.