[NL2-NL10] AA into set all day long!

    • RobertDaPro
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      This same senario happens over and over again :)

      I just wonder if there is some players that can fold it? somewhere between 3 streets. Told myself on river shove that damn aces running into set again, but just can not muck this hand

      iPoker - $0.04 NL - Holdem - 10 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      ToTovich (BTN): $4.00
      EstonianShark (SB): $4.32
      Kreuznagel (BB): $5.20
      Joker304 (UTG): $7.86
      getterrrr (UTG+1): $2.00
      fulrada (MP): $6.55
      Alex48r (MP+1): $5.14
      444MIL (MP+2): $2.86
      Bullseye75 (LP): $1.63
      LucyyLee (CO): $0.88

      EstonianShark posts SB $0.02, Kreuznagel posts BB $0.04

      Pre Flop: ($0.06) EstonianShark has A:diamond: A:heart:

      fold, fold, fulrada raises to $0.12, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, EstonianShark raises to $0.36, fold, fulrada calls $0.24

      Flop: ($0.76, 2 players) 4:club: Q:diamond: 8:spade:
      EstonianShark bets $0.57, fulrada calls $0.57

      Turn: ($1.90, 2 players) 7:heart:
      EstonianShark bets $1.42, fulrada calls $1.42

      River: ($4.74, 2 players) T:spade:
      EstonianShark bets $1.97, fulrada calls $1.97

      EstonianShark mucks A:diamond: A:heart: (One Pair, Aces) (Pre 80%, Flop 9%, Turn 5%)
      fulrada shows 8:heart: 8:club: (Three of a Kind, Eights) (Pre 20%, Flop 91%, Turn 95%)
      fulrada wins $8.11
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    • veriz
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      Hello RobertDaPro,

      Preflop: Against a 3xBB plus being OOP definitely raise it bigger 4x.

      As played
      Postflop: Kind of difficult to play around here, as long you gave good odds the opponent preflop to set mine I wouldn't be surprised to see a set of 44/88 and of course QQ hands here. But now again as long those opponents on those stakes are so loose and we can even expect to see a lot worse Qx hands as KQ/AQ here and maybe even something like JJ which is calling down then going for the stacks in 3bet pot isn't going to be a huge mistake.

      Another possibility would be in that case if we knew the opponent and that he is really tight then we could argue about Check/Folding the river cause there ain't going to be a lot worse hands which Bet out anyways. But as long we don't have that information not much to add.

      Best Regards.