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    • holaboo
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      Hey guys,

      My name is Akira and I am currently a student at university. I've been playing poker for about 3years but for fun most of the time until recently. I joined PS a few days ago and have just started playing on Fulltilt!

      There are a few things I am quite confused with from what I have read on the PS guides, so I hope you guys can give me some pointers.

      1. It says that when we reached 25BB level we are advised to leave the table, but on fulltilt if you sit down at a table you have been at for the last 30mins you have to buy in at least the amount you had when you left the table. This causes some problems when i search for new tables.

      2. On the smallblind when you have good suited connectors, would it be profitable to call the BB?

      3.Do I need to fold hands such as A 10 suited in middle position because it is not on the recommended chart but I realised that on the chart it does not seem to take into account whether the hands were suited or not.

      4.Say if you are in the BB, with a hand like KJ and the button does a minimum raise to you and SB folds (nobody else in the hand) would it be profitable to call in the longrun? Seeing as the button is likely to be stealing.

      5.I don't seem to see the $50 bonus in the bonus section of Fulltilt poker so I'm not sure how to clear that.

      Thanks guys and I'll update you all on how i am doing :) ...Just got donked by a guy calling with A 8 offsuit when i hit my K....


      I'm more comfortable at the NL10 now and after a 2hour session I am finally in the profit zone boosting my BR by 50%! My run of high pockets and real donks who push with 3 7 offsuit did help :) Just want to thank all you guys at Pokerstrategy.com for improving my game and showing me the ropes!
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    • xylere
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      1) There should be plenty of NL 10 tables around
      2) call BB? you can complete if there are 2+ limpers with small pockets and suited connectors
      3) ATs from mp is a clear fold, stick to the chart.
      4) You should never call a raise with a short stack. On NL 10 just fold this hand.
    • holaboo
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      thanks alot for the help.

      I think i am questioning the play because I'm used to playing with a big stack of 100x BB. That why i thought it was very strange to have to fold KJ suited to a minimum bet on the BB. Now i realised this is specific to SS poker. Cheers
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      Welcome holaboo,

      If you have more questions about the theory, you can better post them in this forum to get more answers and good theory discussions. Good luck with your carreer!
    • holaboo
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      I'm finding it very hard to keep to the SS rules so I have decided to use some money of my own and upgrade to playing BS. Still finding it very hard to fold hands like A 10 suited but I am learning from my mistakes! I am finding myself walking into bigger hands far too often with ATs. I'm down a few dollars from the initial 50$ but I feel like I have learnt alot!