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Need help with a transfer.

    • 07SAA07
      Joined: 24.02.2008 Posts: 13
      I am down to 31cents in my FTP account rite now and i wld like help taking it to pokerstars so i have a chance of actually getting a little money back in my account since stars have more selections for small buyins instead of only the .10cent rebuy on FTP which is hard to place in without having enough money to rebuy. Any1 willing to help reply. My FTP account is 07SAA07 and my pokerstars account is Adkins07. to do this i wld need $5 sent to my FTP. I wld then send u $5.31 back. And then you send me 31cents to Adkins07 on pokerstars. I wld really love help with this. :D
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