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    • martinemem
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      What language have you installed your client in? (Works mostly only in english)

      Did you know pokertracker is so good, that it cant even be compared to other programs? havent though tried hem, but i cant imagine it will work just 1:5 as good as pokertracker, since poker tracker have no limits of what it is capable of.

      Just to compare with HEM:
      Can HEM be programmed to take notes FOR you? Anyone?
      I didnt think so ;DDD
      EDIT: Just to brag a little over how good it is: Can HEM be programmed to calculated EV on bluff compared to the amount you bet?

      OP: if this still doesnt work, or you actually HAVE installed in eng, does it import still, but just doesnt show the HUD?
      What message do you get in red on the tab in pt3?